The blessings in her heart, the love and care in her soul, the teachings and enlightenment in her mind,

Is a bliss and heaven for every child,

They are like ravishing angels which every child loves to be with them,

When there is darkness, there is also a light and to brighten up your life your mother is always there for you,

Just like god your mother is the idol for you,

So respect and love your mother,

Some people die for mother’s love and others don’t care about their mother,

Mothers play a pivotal role in every child’s life,

Since you are born and when you grow up your mother nurtures your life,

Irrespective of this she gives you strength and constant support,

She promises you that she will never leave you alone,

Which brings smirk to every child’s face,

It makes her feel good when she knows she is the reason behind your smile,

She cuddles you, is jolly with you, friendly with you and beyond that she is your best and loving friend,

She is the one with whom you can share everything the good and the bad times,

And that what makes every mother the role model in every child’s life!

As a writer my interests are inclined towards creative writing.✍️ I love to write book reviews,poems,plays and short stories. ✍️