The book The Secret Garden written by Frances Hodgson Burnett is one of the beautiful classics to ascertain the childhood memories of the characters portrayed in the story. The stories penned down artistically which cascades the profundity of diverse range of relationships of children who are trapped within their familial affairs and who are intrinsically frustrated with their life. Amidst with these heavy chaos and hardships and lifelong struggles they find happiness and the spirit to live their life to the fullest with extremity of love, hope and desire which replicates the beautiful imagination of the author and his way of writing simple stories.

The story begins where Mary the main protagonist of the story and her secret garden is where she loves to play, sit, plants the trees which brightens up her life and the rays of sunshine falling on her which she finds it extremely exquisite and is thankful to the wonderful aura of nature.

My curiosity aroused when I came to know about the secret garden of Mary and where it is actually hidden. When Mary went to live with her uncle after her parents died due to cholera, she all of a sudden one day while walking through the garden, she found something unusual, though unique and beautiful and surprisingly it was The Secret Garden. She inquired from her maiden mistress Martha who told her that Mr. and Mrs. Craven always used to come and sit here. They had some good talks and they used to read here and no one knew about it. After Mrs. Craven death this led Mr. Craven to a dreadful sorrow and his life became unfilled without her and he locked the The Secret Garden.

I accredit this book with five stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐. I loved this book and enjoyed it. Simple and delightful to read and I would recommend it to those who are especially classic lovers.




As a writer my interests are inclined towards creative writing.✍️ I love to write book reviews,poems,plays and short stories. ✍️

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Pragya Priyadarshani

Pragya Priyadarshani

As a writer my interests are inclined towards creative writing.✍️ I love to write book reviews,poems,plays and short stories. ✍️

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